Return policies and warranties


- All refunds will incur a 25% penalty on the amount returned (even if the product has not left our warehouse). This is due to production, taxes and shipping costs.  

- We do not accept returns of material that has already been installed or without the original packaging.

- We do not accept returns on products that have been made to measure (shape, size of cables or tubes, specific colours out of catalogue, etc.).

- No returns are accepted on products purchased at discounted prices. 

- The charge for the return shipment shall be borne by the customer.

- No returns on electrical parts.

- For questions or suggestions, please write to



The B-UNIC product is warranted for ONE YEAR against manufacturing defects or failures.

The guarantee shall not be valid in the following cases:

1. If the luminaire (or any part of it) is damaged or mistreated;

2. If the product (or any part thereof) is disassembled or modified;

3. If the product (or any part of it) is used/handled or installed in a manner not described in the installation sheet supplied with the luminaires.

4. The guarantee does not cover shocks occurring in the electrical network or damage due to voltage variations.

5. For any further questions about the use of the product or about this warranty policy, please write to 

6. In order to validate the product warranty it is necessary to present the proof of purchase together with the product.

7. Our warranty service has a response time of 15 working days to give a diagnosis.

8. The time for repair of the product or replacement of the product or any of its components, as appropriate and as indicated by our technicians, will be determined on a case-by-case basis and the customer will be informed.

9. Diagnostic charges will apply where the reported fault is not covered by this Warranty Policy.

10. All service visits to the home for diagnosis are at additional cost.

The customer service telephone number is +52 55 4461 6651. Whats app. 


It is possible to purchase the extended warranty for TWO ADDITIONAL YEARS (total THREE YEARS), charged at 8% of the cost of the luminaire without discount plus VAT. The Extended Warranty service covers: Any factory defect, change of Drivers or burnt LEDs due to voltage variation (2 events).