We are confident in the quality of our products and they are covered by warranty.

Did you know? The warranty on your product starts on the day of purchase. In order to exercise your warranty claim, you will need your sales receipt or invoice.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers failures of light sources, lamps and luminaires caused by defects in workmanship or materials of the lamp body.


1. This warranty only applies to domestic use.

2. During the term of the warranty, B-UNIC agrees to absorb the cost of repair, including spare parts, parts, components and labor, as well as transportation costs of the product arising from the fulfillment of this warranty.

3. The guidelines of the NOM, Federal Consumer Protection Law, apply to these conditions. Replaced parts become the property of B-UNIC.

4. To make this warranty effective, you must present this policy stamped by the establishment that sold it, receipt or proof of purchase or invoice, along with the product. 

5. This warranty is valid for repair or physical replacement of the product upon diagnosis by B-UNIC. 

EXCEPTIONS: What is NOT covered by this warranty?

1. When the product has been used in conditions other than normal.

2. When the product has not been operated in accordance with the operating instructions provided. 

3. When the product has been altered or repaired by persons not authorized by B-UNIC.

Validity of the warranty

One (1) year on light sources (LED strips or bulbs) from the original date of purchase at the store or delivery.

One (1) year on any B-UNIC luminaire from the original date of store purchase, delivery or installation, as applicable.

Once the warranty repair has been carried out, the warranty period will not be extended for lamps, luminaires or new parts.

In the event that this warranty is lost, the consumer may:

1.- Go to the establishment where the purchase was made to be issued another policy, presenting the purchase receipt or respective invoice.

2.- Consult the warranty policy at www.bunicdesign.com

3.- Contact our B-UNIC Customer Service Centre on +52 55 4461 6651 or send an email to info@bunicdesign.com. 

Store stamp and date of purchase or installation

Stamp and date of purchase and/or installation